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Basic Website Configuration

Versions: 1.3.0-pl


  • PageBlocks (block constructor)
  • ClientConfig (site configuration)
  • FormIt (processing forms, sending requests to e-mail)
  • TinyMCE Rich Text Editor (visual editor)
  • translit (automatic transliteration of page addresses)
  • SEO Suite (page setup for search engines)


  • Ace (code editor)
  • autoRedirector (redirect old url)
  • controlErrorLog (error log management)
  • ModxMinify (automated compression of scripts and site styles)
  • pThumb (to resize and compress an image)
  • pdoTools (fast selection of site pages and users)
  • SocialNetworks (social networks)


  • Home
  • Service pages
    • 403 (error page 403 "Access Denied")
    • 404 (error page 404 "Document not found")
    • 503 (unavailable page)
    • Site map (HTML)
    • SiteMap (sitemap.xml)
    • Privacy Policy


  • head
  • header
  • breadcrumbs
  • footer


  • csrf (CSRF TOKEN)
  • babelGetId


  • Boilerplate
    • binds a CSS file to the resource editing page (assets/boilerplate/mgr/manager.css)
    • compresses html output for Google (can be overridden in the boilerplate_compress_output_html system settings)
    • the ability to hide the vertical tab for TV (boilerplate_hide_vtabs_tv system setting)
    • prohibits uploading files to the root directory (OnFileManagerUpload event)
    • context switching (OnMODXInit event)

System settings


allow_multiple_emailsnoso that each user has their own email address
friendly_alias_realtimeyesreal-time alias generation
friendly_urlsyesenabling friendly URLs
friendly_urls_strictyesstrict regime
publish_defaultyesby default, the resource is created published
use_alias_pathyesso that the URL considers the parent's alias, not its frozen URL
resource_tree_node_tooltipaliasso you can figure out what the address of the resource is
localeen_US.utf8locale setting
request_method_strictyesdisabling page access by id
unauthorized_pageid 403ID of the 403 page
error_pageid 404ID of the 404 page
error_page_headerHTTP/1.0 404 Not Foundheader for a 404 error
site_unavailable_pageid 503ID of the 503 page
log_deprecatednodeprecated functions in the error log


pdotools_fenom_defaultyesuse of Fenom in chunks
pdotools_fenom_modxyesenable MODX in Fenom
pdotools_fenom_parseryesuse of Fenom on pages
pdotools_elements_path{core_path}/to load file elements


tinymcerte.pluginsadvlist autolink lists modximage charmap print preview anchor visualblocks searchreplace code fullscreen insertdatetime media table contextmenu paste modxlink textcolor colorpicker templatePlugins
tinymcerte.toolbar1undo redo | styleselect | backcolor forecolor bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | link image | templateToolbar 1
tinymcerte.external_config{assets_path}components/tinymcerte/js/external-config.jsonExternal config


boilerplate_compress_output_htmlyescompresses html output for Google
boilerplate_hide_vtabs_tvnohides the vertical tab for tv
boilerplate_menu_descriptionnohides component descriptions in the menu


  • Setting HTTP Headers
    • X-Frame-Options:deny
    • X-XSS-Protection:1;mode=block
    • X-Content-Type-Options:nosniff
    • Referrer-Policy:no-referrer
    • Cache-Control: max-age=31536000, must-revalidate
  • The changelog.txt file is removed to eliminate the message indicating that the site's security is not in order.
  • Files named ht.access in the root and in the /core/ folder are renamed to enable friendly URLs.
  • Changing the content of the base template